1948 North & Judd Manufacturing Catalog【ヴィンテージ カタログ】

■North & Judd Manufacturing Co
■No.90 "Harness and Saddlery Hardware" Catalog

掲載内容はSnaps,Harness, Chain, Rope, Muzzle, Gate Hooks, Buckles, Bridles, Harness, Harvester,Harvester Clips, Repair Cleats, Slat Menders, Spreaders, Plastic Trimmings,Rings and Tongues, Dees, Hooks, Cockeyes, Clips, Trace Connectors, Loops,Squares, Loops and Rings, Hame Trimmings, Terrets, Hooks, Trace Carriers, GagSwivels, Winker Brace Stays, Rosettes, Ornaments, Block Letters, MiscellaneousSaddlery (saddle horns), Curry Combs, Curling Combs, Mane Combs, Pulling Combs,Sweat Scrapers, Calf Weaners, Cattle Leaders, Bull Rings, Bits, Spurs,Stirrups, Chains, Accessoriesです。


在庫数 : 1