1944 Denver Dry Goods Catalog【ヴィンテージ カタログ】

■The Denver Dry Goods Co
■1944 Spring and Summer Catalog


掲載内容はStetson Hats, Powder River Hats,Justin Boots, Powder River Boots, Stockmen's Suits, Riding Attire for Women,divided leather riding skirt and vest, Suede fringe coat, Russell gloves,Western Belts, Cowboy Scarf and Tie, Belt Buckle Sets, Don Ricardo Steel andAluminum Bits, Sterling Silver Bits and Spurs. Don Ricardo Steel Spurs, HandMade Mexican Show Bits, Spur Straps, Hat Bands, Bridles, Martingales, BreastCollar, Headstalls, Horse Trailer Goggles, Rowels, Reins, Billet, Stirrups,Cinchase, Cinches, Saddle Blankets and Pads, Holsters, Ropes, Pyramid Tents,Range Tent, Chaps, Turtle Association Saddle, Powder River Saddle. Wyoming TreeSaddleです。


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